Sweet Pear Chili Hot Sauce


With a delightful blend of Bosc pear and ripe fiery hot Vietnamese chili peppers, Dawson's 'Sweet Pear Chili' is a unique, naturally sweet tasting hot sauce for all to enjoy. This is a fruit-based sauce which lends a natural sweetness alongside the familiar heat of the chili. This sauce is prepared as a hot sauce mash. Our mash sauces are made thick with less vinegar and salt than other brands. This leads to a more complex flavour profile for each sauce with less filler ingredients.  No binding agents, thickeners or colours are used in our sauces. We want the peppers colour to speak for themselves and enjoy a diverse line of sauces as a result.

Heat Meter: 

Ideal Pairings: Try it on sandwiches, pizza, fish or mixing with sauces for a sweet kick.

Ingredients:  Pear, vinegar, chili pepper, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, lime, spices, sea salt

Size:  155ml