Passata Rustic Puree Tomatoes


These tomatoes are grown seaside with only 30 feet of beach between the Mediterranean Sea and the tomato plants themselves. If you were to see where these tomatoes are grown, believe us when we say you would never buy tomatoes from anywhere else!
They are hand harvested when perfectly ripe, hand peeled (except the cherry tomatoes) and hand packed within hours of being picked. This small family producer prides himself on doing everything under the hot Calabrian sun. This is the secret to the quality of the product!
No preservatives, artificial colours or thickeners are used. The University of Calabria, with the help of some analysis, confirmed that there is no need to add salt because of the contact with the salt water in the land.

Ideal Pairings: pizza sauce, pasta sauce, Uovo fra’diavolo (eggs poached in tomato), add to soups, stews, in Shakshuka, or drink it right out of the jar!

Ingredients:  Calabrian seaside tomatoes

Size:  720ml