Sichuan Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce


Sichuan, a Chinese peppercorn that creates a slight numbing sensation, paired with the garlic and oil make this sauce very rich and spicy. Inspired by the unique citrus tones of Sichuan Peppercorn and the world class heat of Ghost Peppers, the sauce equally blends heavy notes of garlic, olive oil and ginger. Each bottle contains up to 16 ghost peppers, so we advise only experienced heat users for this sauce! This sauce is prepared as a hot sauce mash. Our mash sauces are made thick with less vinegar and salt than other brands. This leads to a more complex flavour profile for each sauce with less filler ingredients.  No binding agents, thickeners or colours are used in our sauces. We want the peppers colour to speak for themselves and enjoy a diverse line of sauces as a result.

Heat Meter:  ˜Sample with caution˜

Ideal Pairings:  This sauce works really well for stir frying, marinating pork tenderloin (X Hot), mixing with homemade sausages & noodle bowls

Ingredients:  Vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, dehydrated ghost peppers (12-16), Sichuan peppercorn, lemon, ginger, sea salt

Size:  155ml