Ottobratica Black Olives


Sicilian sea salt, mountain spring water, small, soft, sweet, slightly smokey. You'll surely savour them. Now, this a fruit of the gods.  Olives are a powerful and delicious fermented fruit and great for your gut! They are rich in good monounsaturated fats and minerals such as iron and copper. They’re also full of vitamin E, polyphenols and flavonoids which have anti-inflammatory benefits. Today the Olearia San Giorgio farm is about 140 hectares and it extends over an area covering the territories of the towns of San Giorgio Morgeto, Cittanova, and the slopes of the Aspromonte National Park, particularly renowned for their olive cultivation.

Ideal Pairings: We love these straight out of the jar!

Ingredients:  Ottobratica nera olives, mountain spring water, trapani sea salt

Size:  314ml