Region: Calabria             Monocultivar: Ottobratica

An ancient cultivar indigenous and exclusive to Calabria. So old, this cultivar was harvested in the 8th month, Ottobre (October), back when there were only ten, thus its name Ottobratica.
Its aroma is delicately fruity, vigorous and persistent with notes of fresh herbs with a scent of wild cardoon and ripe golden apple.
Awarded by the Flos Olei as the top Monocultivar of 2020. This cultivar is found in all 6 olive oils we produce. If your pallet demands simple structure but superb flavour, this Certified Slow Food olive oil is for you. Oh! And if you’re looking for soft, silky, smooth skin, use this as a moisturizer, your body will glow with gratitude

The Fazari family has been passionately producing high quality Olive Oil since 1940. The company considers itself a guardian of an ancient and masterly tradition handed down by knowledgeable oil producers of the past. Passion, solidarity, dedication, this is what characterizes the agricultural work of Olearia San Giorgio. The olive trees used to produce the oils are situated on the foot hills of the Aspromonte National Park in the town of San Giorgio Morgeto. The Fazari family have lived in this territory, rich in history, culture and resources, developing an intense relationship and a deep bond with the land that goes far beyond business.


Tasting Notes:  Notes of Artichoke, sour apple, bitter banana with a distinct vegetable base. Smooth and clean with hints of herbs and a sweet and spicy almond finish.

Ideal Pairings:  Bitter field greens, tomato salad, pesto, soup & fish.  Garden Salads, Roasted/Grilled Veg, Grilled Fish, Pasta, Soups & Stews, Sauces, Pizza, Fennel, Boureki

Size:  750ml

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Once you try it you wont be satisfied with any other EVOO! Thanks Sarafino!

Dr. Jon
This is Olive Oil

Once you try this, you will never go back to another olive oil!

Alexander Bond
Amazing Gift

I got this as a gift for my parents who do a ton of cooking. They loved it because they couldn’t find anything like it in their local grocery stores.