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Region: Calabria           Cultivar: Ottobratica, Cassanese

In the land of Calabria and for the family of Olearia San Giorgio, the name Micu has an important value. Dedicated to and named after their Grandfather Domenico “Nonno Micu” born in 1906, he was a farmer, father of ten, and a man with a rough, strong, tenacious character. In 1940 it was he who directed the olive business that in 1992 took the name of Olearia San Giorgio of the Fazari brothers. Only 1906 bottles are produced each harvest, arrives to your door in its own gift box with each bottle bearing its own number and certificate. An oil named for his intense character, from which the family has selected their best olive trees from the varieties that he loved so much: Ottobratica and Cassanese. These carefully selected varieties have produced an extraordinary oil of medium fruity intensity with pronounced grassy hints and a well-balanced spicy finish. Pour a few drops on boiled hot potatoes, on a plate of raw vegetables or fresh grilled fish and discover how its simple taste takes you on an intense sensory journey. Will you get your lucky number?


Tasting Notes: Bold character with pronounced grassy notes with hints of mountain herbs, green almond and a well-balanced spicy finish.

Ideal Pairings: Raw vegetables, green salads, boiled potatoes, grilled meat and fish

Size:  500ml