Maple Sugar


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Our maple sugar is crafted from 100% organic maple syrup that has been cooked down until only the granules of sugar remain.
This family owned and operated company has over 50,000 taps and is one of a small percentage of certified organic maple producers in Quebec. Their leading edge craftmanship captures the true essence of the maple terroir and holds them on par with world class wine and olive oil producers.
Maple syrup has 63 antioxidants and is low on the glycemic index. It is also a great source of vitamins and minerals.
If you’re Canadian and maple isn’t your main source of sweetener, it should be!

Ideal Pairings/Uses: Can be used to directly enhance foods or as a component in recipes (topping for fruit, yogurt or oatmeal, flavouring for meats such as ham, ingredients in muffins, scones, smoothies)

Size:  250g