Lemon Fused EVOO


Region: Calabria          Monocultivar: Organic Ottobratico Extra Virgin Olive Oil,                                                                        Organic Lemon

Olives and lemons, a match made in the culinary heavens. Drizzle on your dish as much as you please, we promise its zest will make it your main squeeze.
Fused oils are not to be confused with infused or flavoured. Fused is a unique process that involves extracting the juice from the olives and fruit or plant matter together.
The Pata farm was founded in 1910 on the green and sunny terraces at the peaks of Monte Poro in Calabria.
Centuries-old experience in cultivation and processing of prestigious cultivars, create olives oils of undisputed excellence loved by connoisseurs.
This farm adheres to an organic production method that utilizes only the natural fertility of the earth and favours the biodiversity of the environment in which it operates.


Tasting Notes:  Sweet ripe olive, freshly squeezed lemon with zest.

Ideal Pairings:  Salads, chicken, fish, carpaccio, fennel, fruit, yogurt, as a moisturizer for your skin, to be used raw, in marinades and wherever you love lemons.

Size:  250ml

Customer Reviews

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Amazing stuff!

Definitely loving the olive oils. I really love the lemon olive oil for my face. It’s not greasy, and it’s super light. What I love about the fused oils for my food is that I don’t have to add anything else to salads. If I don’t have rosemary, for example, I just put a swizzle of the rosemary infused stuff on my food and it’s got just the right amount of herb.