Green Olive Spread


Bright, bold, balanced and bursting with flavour. This will bring you back to your rustic Italian villa. When the jar is empty your tastes buds will be left green with envy.

Ideal Pairings:  spread on a baguette, crostini, hamburger, sausage or your favourite sandwich, with eggs, on a warm baguette with a creamy cheese, on roasted meats, toss with pasta or rice, blend with sour cream or cream cheese for a delicious dip, toss with chicken wings, on ribs or any grilled meats, add 1 or 2 tablespoons to a tomato sauce or chili, marinade for meats, add to a salsa, as a pizza base, stuff a chicken breast or pork tenderloin, use with fish or in a salad dressing

Ingredients:  green olives, sunflower oil, garlic, chili pepper, sea salt

Size:  250ml