Bell'Omio EVOO


Region: Syracuse           Monocultivar: Tonda Iblea

An organic, delicate blend of Sicilian fruit. It is unique and prestigious, produced exclusively with the “Tonda Iblea” olive of Buccheri. Produced with scrupulous care, from the picking to the grinding, to the preservation to the bottling. The most innovative technologies are used following strict hygiene and quality standards but honoring traditional methods. We recommend this eco liquid gold for those looking for a complex single varietal to enhance any dish.


Tasting Notes: Full bodied, aroma of tomato, freshly cut grass, and light notes of basil, apple and artichoke with a spicy, vegetal finish.

Ideal Pairings:  Bruschetta, tuna, tomato salads, grilled vegetables, beans, meat

Size:  500ml