Arbequina EVOO


Region:  Tabernas            Monocultivar:  Arbequina

This cultivar is one of the most common found in Spain and worldwide. It’s suitable for savoury and sweet applications alike due to its numerous nuances.
Oro del Desierto is a family owned and operated single estate producer in Tabernas Spain where Europe’s only desert resides. When you combine the climate conditions (more than 3000 hours of sunshine per year) with the extra care they take during the production process (cold extraction within 8 hours after harvesting by hand) the result is an organic extra virgin olive oil like no other!
Out from the badlands of Spain we’ve extracted some of the best olive oils in the world and we’re not the only ones who’ve noticed. Year after year Oro Del Desierto is recognized and awarded in international competitions.


Tasting Notes:  Medium/soft. Fruity, almonds, harmonic, balance, spicy finish

Ideal Pairings:  Green salads, fruit salads, steamed veg or fish, soft cheeses, desserts

Size:  500ml