Arauco EVOO


Region: Mendoza         Monocultivar: Arauco

This variety was introduced 500 years ago to the coast of Peru and later to Chile and Argentina, where it is cultivated throughout the country, particularly in the region of Cuyo. Today it is considered native to the region since it is unknown in the Mediterranean. This variety has been selected over time for its great adaptation and qualitative potential. Mendoza has the largest cultivated surface area of Arauco trees, which, due to its characteristics, is the emblematic variety of Argentine olive growing.

The Zuccardi family has been passionately producing high quality products since 1963. They received the Frontier Farm award from Flos Olei in 2020 in recognition of the most dynamic and innovative producer in terms of quality outside the Mediterranean basin.


Tasting Notes: Complex and intense fruity. Bitter and spicy between medium and medium high, depending on its point of maturity.

Ideal Pairings:  Bruschetta, pizza, grilled meat, fish, vegetable soups, vegetables, fresh cheese like burrata, mozzarella, ricotta

Size:  500ml