Truffle Salt

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This premium flavoured sea salt is made from summer truffles that are dark on the outside and light brown with white streaks on the inside. They have a milder flavour than the black truffle and are highly prized for their gastronomic versatility.
This family owned company was born in Acqualagna, in the Le Marche region of central Italy. They are close to the seaside and surrounded by the Apennine mountains and forests of oak and hazelnut trees. It is in this unique and magnificent environment that these world-famous truffles are harvested.

Ideal Pairings: Perfect for seasoning meats and baked goods, sprinkle on French fries, asparagus, eggs, popcorn, lamb, white fish, beef. The possibilities are endless!

Ingredients:Ā  Sea Salt, Summer Truffle

Size:Ā  100g