Verd'Olivo Novello EVOO


Region: Syracuse           Cultivars: Biancolilla, Moresca, Verdese

A glorious, rich and fruity blend with a great balance of bitterness and pungency. Its taste is able to satisfy the most detail-oriented experts.
Produced with scrupulous care, from the picking to the grinding, to the preservation to the bottling. The most innovative technologies are used following strict hygiene and quality standards but honoring traditional methods. We recommend this first harvest Novello to discerning pallets, looking for more distinct flavours and features.


Tasting Notes: Light bodied, strong notes of tomato, artichoke, fresh cut grass with an intense spicy, clean finish.

Ideal Pairings: Salads, grilled vegetables, meats and hearty soups, fish starts, salads, white and red meat courses, legumes soup and grilled vegetables

Size: 500ml