Mauro EVOO


Region: Calabria          Cultivars: Sinopolese, Carolea, Ottobratica, Roggianella

This unique, high elevation grove has the panoramic view of the land that the King once ruled in Terre di San Mauro. Quality fit for a King. A divine balanced blend of organically grown olives of Calabria. This is our absolute favourite grove. If you’re ready for the ultimate palate pleasing, extra virgin enhancer to amplify any dish, twist, pour, and eat like a king!

The Fazari family has been passionately producing high quality Olive Oil since 1940. The company considers itself a guardian of an ancient and masterly tradition handed down by knowledgeable oil producers of the past. Passion, solidarity, dedication, this is what characterizes the agricultural work of Olearia San Giorgio. The olive trees used to produce the oils are situated on the foot hills of the Aspromonte National Park in the town of San Giorgio Morgeto. The Fazari family have lived in this territory, rich in history, culture and resources, developing an intense relationship and a deep bond with the land that goes far beyond business.


Tasting Notes: Moderately green and charismatic with complex layers of parsley, pear and pine nuts.  Bitter and spicy with a sweet finish.

Ideal Pairings: Delicate greens, simple leafy or bean salads, fish and exotic dishes or drizzled on your favourite ice-cream.

Size:  500ml