Carnaroli Rice


Carnaroli rice dates back to 1945 and is the 'love child' of the Vialone and Lencino rice varieties. It is considered a long grain and is used primarily to make risotto. It has a super-high starch content allowing it to absorb large amounts of liquid without overcooking, creating the ultra-creamy yet toothsome texture that is the hallmark of superior risotto. This is why it is called the King of Rice.

In Italian lowland areas such as the plains of Sibari, a natural phenomena called the 'Occhi di Mare' occurs. The formation of sinkholes from eroding rock under the earth's surface,laysan incredible part in the production of rice. These small holes fill up with seawater and it is the combination of this with the mountain spring water used to flood the fields during the sowing that creates a tremendously fertile soil for the rice to grow in.

Magisa controls the entire production process from planting to packaging. Many factors including the intense sun, mild temperatures, proximity to the sea, crop rotation and years of experience result in the use of no herbicides, pesticides or fungicides. The rice is worked at a low speed and not polished, both of which help to maintain the nutritional values. They use modern technology while respecting the natural process allowing them to produce a rice of excellent quality.

Ideal Uses: Risotto, Soup, Rice Pudding & Paella