Whole Buckwheat Fusilli Pasta


Though the name suggests otherwise, buckwheat is not a form of wheat. It isn’t actually a grain at all! It is a seed that is rich in protein and fibre and is considered by many to be a superfood.

This single estate, family business is surrounded by fertile fields and is exposed to the sun and the breeze from the nearby mountains. They use sustainable production practices with low environmental impact and all of the seeds and grains used to obtain the different flours are of Piedmontese origin.
Unlike many other gluten free pastas, this one stays intact without breaking, crumbling or turning to mush. A long drying process at controlled low temperatures allow the pasta to maintain flavour, consistency and nutritive properties. It is rich in fibre and mineral salts and is non-GMO, vegan friendly, certified organic and gluten free.

Cooking Tips:  Always cook pasta in a very large pot of salted water. If you don’t give it enough space to move it will stick together. The Italian’s say it should be as salty as the sea in order to flavour the pasta.   After draining, add a bit of sauce to the noodles and stir. Save the olive oil for the final drizzle when ready to eat and not before! Otherwise, it will just coat the noodle and not allow your sauce to stick to the noodle.

Ideal Pairings: Use these pastas interchangeably with red sauce, meat sauce, white sauce, in seafood dishes, in salads, in soups…. break all the rules! Shhhh…. just don’t tell the Italians! Fusilli is often served with thicker meat sauces and heavy cream sauces as the grooves in the pasta help trap the sauce.

Ingredients:  Whole Buckwheat Flour

Size:  250g